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The TRB Card is ready and will be available to all members from the end of November.
Easy to use for all members.

TRB SYSTEM members can register money, coupons, cards, checks, tickets, etc. faster than anyone else.
All you need is the member ID number on the card you received.

WARNING :You can register up to 7 products with the
1x TRB card. With 2x TRB cards, such as 14 products. If you need an exact number of
TRB cards, please use the quantity option on the order form.
Choose smart and carefully!

If you want exact number of TRB Cards, use the quantity option on the Order Form.
So choose SMART and CAREFULLY! Don't have a TRB membership card? Don't worry, order below.

All offers below are one-time only and all quit when the time quit.
Only true patriots who order enough will realize the true benefits.
We recommend buying as many as you can before time runs out! See you later!


What is  TRB Card:

Show your support for the great American President Donald Trump by purchasing the United States Dollar designed TRB  Check. These high quality notes boast beautiful design and colouring, making them an ideal purchase for any citizen of the United States - without having to invest a large sum of money. Owning these notes is a great way to ensure that the President's work will continue to be felt in the Oval Office.

A digital currency that can be purchased with US dollars is Trump Buck's. The Bucks will be available to the general public for a set period of time, after which time they will be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cardholders can use the Trump Checks & Cards+ Bucks that they obtain to buy any product at any participating merchant, such as Walmart, Costco, or Home Depot. Being a holder of Trump Bucks grants access to a wide variety of privileges, one of which is the TRA/Bosquet System Membership Card.

The limited edition commemorative Dollar is an opportunity for US citizens to honor the presidency of Donald Trump. Many in the nation have faith that the current administration will bring about positive change, and this token serves as a representation of that belief. Show your support for the president by purchasing one of these coins and using the hashtag #TRBCheck&Cards to share your backing on social media. Let's work together to spread the message and make a difference!

The TRB Check & Cards+ Bucks  is an exceptionally sturdy product crafted from superior materials. Not only is it a symbol of patriotism, but also a great investment. You can purchase as many as you desire through the official website, and make a lasting contribution to Donald Trump's presidency.

Those who obtained Trump Money can appreciate and have confidence in the fact that the United States government will back their money with the full faith and credibility of the United States of America. The electoral campaign of 2020 in general was a huge watershed moment for countless individuals throughout the world.

 According to the results of the research, it was found out that over 74 million Americans believed that Donald Trump should not have been allowed to leave the White House. All Americans were appalled, and most were furious with the situation.

Where can I purchase a TRB Check?

The TRB Golden Check is exclusively available through Our website, and orders will be shipped within three business days for free. Customers will be sent a tracking number via email to monitor their order, and no shipping and handling fees will apply. Every customer's data is safeguarded with 256-bit file encryption to ensure safety, and payments can be made with either credit cards or PayPal. Check out the following TRB Golden Check bundles available for purchase:

  • 50x TRB Golden Check ($499.99) + Free Shipping and Handling
  • 20x TRB Golden Check ($449.99) + Free Shipping and Handling
  • 10x TRB Golden Check ($399.99) + Free Shipping and Handling
  • 5x TRB Golden Check ($249.99) + Free Shipping and Handling
  • 3x TRB Golden Check ($179.99) + Free Shipping and Handling
  • 1x TRB Golden Check ($69.99) + Free Shipping and Handling

When you purchase a TRB Checks &cards +Diamond Bucks, you are entitled to a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. Additionally, if you buy multiple items from the same seller, shipping and delivery are on the house.

You can anticipate receiving your order in a week's time, free of any additional charges. Furthermore, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team via email.

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Benefits of TRB Checks & Cards+Diamond Bucks

  • This is a great gift for Trump supporters and friends.
  • Golden Trump Bucks can last for years without any maintenance.
  • Those who appreciate sophisticated, quality art will find this to be a great option
  • .Commemorative bills are rated higher than other bills in various online rating systems.
  • Made from the highest quality materials, it has a protective cover to protect your dollar from moisture damage and add durability. 
  • This is a one-of-a-kind Golden Trump bill created by campaign supporters to commemorate the Trump 2024 campaign.
  • An exquisite, detailed embossed surface that showcases the visage of United States President, Donald Trump, should not be regarded as a potential investment opportunity.
  • This unique TRB Check & card + Bucks has been issued to honor those who have supported the Trump 2024 campaign. Show your support and commemorate the movement with this one-of-a-kind memento.
  • If you aren't completely satisfied with a product you've purchased, you are eligible for a full refund within 60 days of the purchase. Take advantage of this opportunity and get your money back!
  • Shop with confidence knowing that orders from Colorado are shipped quickly!


At TRB Check, we are 100% committed to providing you with the highest quality products and the best possible customer service. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will go above and beyond to make it right with our 24/7/365 fast support. 

We are dedicated to giving our customers the best experience possible and will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 110% satisfied with no risk involved.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who issues TRB Checks & Cards+Diamond Bucks?

Well, this map was made by campaign supporters to support Donald Trump. It is specifically designed to return Trump to the White House by 2024.

2) Where does the TRB Checks & Cards+Diamond Bucks come from?

All of these cards ship free from Colorado

3) Is it some kind of debit card?

No, this is not a debit card! It is a kind of memorabilia designed in support of President Trump.

4) When will the consumer receive her TRB Checks & Cards+Diamond Bucks?

First of all, the user has to provide all the details of the shipping address. After placing your order, we will deliver the card within 5-7 business days. However, this depends on the order quantity. In some cases it may take 3 weeks or more.

5) What should I do if the item is defective?

In such situations, the user should consult his customer service. help overcome this problem.

6) When can I expect to be notified about my shipment?

Once our team has your order, we will inform you of the delivery. The transit time is usually 5-7 working days.

7)Is there assistance available if the product is not working properly?

If you encounter any challenges, don't hesitate to contact us at contact and our professionals will be more than happy to help you out.

8)Which shipping method do you utilize?

IWhen you are expecting a parcel from USPS, you will be sent an email containing the details of the package. For any returns, the address to use is 19655 E 35th Drive, Suite 100, Aurora, CO 80011, United States.

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If you want exact number of TRB Cards, use the quantity option on the Order Form.
So choose SMART and CAREFULLY! Don't have a TRB membership card? Don't worry, order below.

   This is a commemorative bill and is solely intended as memorabilia.

For Product Support, please contact the seller here 

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